-Kobe Cuisine-

"Kobe Cuisine" is based on the techniques and fundamentals of French cuisine.
It was developed because of the sophysticated palate of the people of Kobe who are sensitive to “delicious things.”
Kobe has prospered from international trade through the ages, allowing its people to buy all kinds of foods from around the world.
The food culture of Kobe is a mixture of western cooking and oriental culture, which has attracted not only local
people but also those from out of town.
Its cuisine makes the best use of the abundance of ingredients from the nearby mountains and Inland Sea.
In homage to the history and culture of Kobe, we present "Kobe Cuisine" at TOOTH TOOTH.
Our wish is to create happy moments filled with smiles. Kobe cuisine is modern, free and easy.
It is stylish and delicious.
It is an important element to make life wonderful.

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