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Let us create a “Enjoy & Entertainment” business from “Food.”

POTOMAK’s seven businesses:
As a creative company with a focus on “Food” we develop original businesses in different fields, such as restaurant operation, production, event production, designing, and hotel operation. Our aim is to create new values in order to grow the circle of “Enjoyment.” Thanks to the connections with various people, each of our project thrives and shines. That is what POTOMAK’s business is about.


Cafe and resraurant business

“We use creativity in making up restaurants
according to the locations
and the class of customers.”

We project and operate multiple brands of dining and drinking establishements only POTOMAK can create; such as cafes, restaurants, bars, and Japanese style restaurants centering around Kansai and Kanto areas. We have expanded our operations and currently manage approximately 100 establishments. Over 30 years ago, we opened “Restaurant Bar TOOTH TOOTH” in Tor West Kobe. POTOMAK started from a tiny place of only 10 tsubo(1 tsubo is approximately 3.3 square meters, thus 33.3 square meters). After the earthquake disaster, we came to believe that “restaurant business not only fills customers’ stomachs but also their hearts.” We endevour to create restaurants which match the locations appropriately and fill the hearts of customers who live there. Each of our restaurants has its own story. We believe that growing together with our customers invigorates the town and represents POTOMAK’s contribution to the community.


SWEETS Sweets business

is a western style confectionary shop
started and developed in Kobe.

With a focus on Kobe sweets made by “PATISSERIE TOOTH TOOTH” we operate sweets business offering cakes, fresh sweets, and baked confectioneries.
We develop and make products in our company’s Atelier, and participate in special events.
A quote by a pastry chef: “One can live without sweets. But sweets can bring joy.
That’s why I make them.” The magic of sweets makes people smile. We offer sweets which are created by a marriage between the“playful minds”of artisan pastry chefs and their careful, at times mischievous strong preference for cake making.


Production & Direction business

“We create a comprehensive system
to make people enjoy themselves starting
from a concept building, designing,
to a menu development, etc.”

We carry out a total Production & Direction business such as detailed concept works of commercial facilities and/or business development consulting, and environmental design. The examples include “UMEKITA FLOOR” in Grand Front Osaka and “Sanagi Shinjuku” which was designed to promote cultural tourism by The Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Through collaboration with various creators and companies, we work out a plan to make people enjoy themselves.

Project example


Total production in creating the restaurant‘s floor on the 6th floor of Grand Front Osaka North Wing

Umekita Floor is a “Landmark Lounge” on the 6 th floor of Grand Front Osaka North Wing, which hosts a total of 16 restaurants. With its unique world view where dining and entertainment intersect with each other, Umekita Floor offers a borderless space to connect “people, events, and goods ” making it a “perfect hangout for adults.” It was POTOMAK’s President, Koji Kanasashi who took charge of the total creation of “UMEKITA FLOOR.” He directed the business concept work of the entire floor, general environmental design including the common use space, event organization, and sound mixing, etc.

UMEKITA FLOOR Official website

Sanagi Shinjuku

A cafe & creative space for “Events” x “Food” x “Culture”

“Sanagi Shinjuku” is located within NEWoMan, a Mall connected to Tonanguchi Exit of JR Shinjuku station. It was a project of The Shinjuku Ward to improve and reuse the area under the viaduct of National Highway No. 20, turning it into a base for cultural tourism and information dissemination. “A place to eat. A place to hatch new ideas.” is its slogan. It is a cafe & creative space for “Events” x “Food” x “Culture” to convey the charms of Shinjuku to ever-increasing foreign visitors and tourists. It also serves as a “Place” to give birth to a new culture of Shinjuku, a space for various artists to work and create together, and to disseminate new Japanese traditions

Sanagi Shinjuku Official website

Umeda Hankyu Beer Garden

The general direction and operation of the largest beer garden in Kansai area, which seats 500 maximum, has been entrusted to our company.

“Umeda Hankyu Beer Garden” is the largest of its kind in Kansai area, located on the roof top of the 13th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store and surrounded by greenery. As “a summer tradition of Umeda” customers can enjoy all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink with themes which vary each year. We coordinate the business concept work, booth design, seasonal events planning, menu development, management and operation.

Umeda Hankyu Beer Garden Official website


OPERATION Operation business

“Adding extra creativity to various content.
We mplement a total business operation.”

Taking advantage of our experience in various food and beverage operations, such as “Café 1894” established as annex to The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Marunouchi, Tokyo, and “Anime Japan” which is the world’s largest scale anime event with over 150,000 visitors, we are commissioned to develop menus, construct services, create designs, etc. according to each concept and administer the business.

Project example

Café 1894

The Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Café 1894 in Marunouchi, Tokyo.

The space which used to be a banking office when Mitsubishi Ichigokan was built in 1894 (the 27 th year of Meiji period) has been restored in a museum cafe bar with a classic taste “ Café 1894.” We develop a special menu affiliated with each exhibition, design printed materials production, and execute its management and operation.

Café 1894 Official website

AnimeJapan 2018

Operation of the Food Booth for the world’s largest scale anime event

The world’s largest anime event “Anime Japan 2018” was held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from 22nd to 25th March, 2018. The total number of visitors reached over 150,000, the largest number ever, making it a great success. We operated the Food Booth collectively. We developed original menus ollaborating with various anime, and executed the management and operation.

Official website of Anime Japan 2018


Operation of a cafe to collaborate with “Nogizaka 46 Artworks Daitaizenbuten” in Roppongi

“Nogizaka 46 Artworks Daitaizenbuten” is an exhibition held at Sony Music Roppongi Museum from 11th January through 12th May 2019. Inside the venue, there is a permanent cafe called “Saka CAFÉ.” We developed the original food, dessert, and beverage menus which are associated with the music pieces and members of “Nogizaka 46,” designed printed materials, and administered its operation.

The Official website of Nogizaka 46 Artworks Daitaizenbuten


ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment business

“Music, Art, and Culture
– POTOMAK’s playful mind”

We create and disseminate various projects on “Music” x “Art” x “Culture” by giving life to POTOMAK’s playful mind. We not only produce and distribute music but also scout and produce artists. We collaborate with “FISH FOR Co., Ltd.” which projects various events and manages the“UMEKITA FLOOR” of Grand Front Osaka. In addition, we collaborate with “SOAN Co., Ltd.” and other associated companies to manage and produce event space of “Sanagi Shinjuku” which disseminates new Japanese culture from Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Design & Construction business

“Space, Design, Layout
– POTOMAK’s commitment”

POTOMAK is committed to creating restaurants to make customers feel welcome. Our company’s design teams in Kansai and Kanto areas play the central roles in creating the restaurant space, design and menu, production and taking photographs of POP displays, graphic design, and all other details. Design, execution, and management are mainly taken care of by our associated company “Collabo Labo Co., Ltd.” According to the project, we collaborate with famous designers and/or creators to give life to each one of the interesting ideas.

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Licensing business

“Collaboration with overseas partners
– proposals of new cultures”

We have successfully launched cafe and hotel businesses with a theme of “PEANUTS” which is loved by people all over the world for the unique characters, such as Charlie Brown and his pet dog SNOOPY. “THE ALLEY”, a high quality tea stand chain originated in Taiwan which makes you “fall in love with tea,” and “TRATTORIA AL POMPIERE” a long-established restaurant with 100 years of history in Verona, Italy opened its first restaurant in Japan. We operate licensing business with national and overseas brands, characters as well as our company’s own content.


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