Our Policy on Removing Specific Foodstuffs
from Food or Drink

POTOMAK CO., LTD. is making utmost efforts so that customers with food allergies or who do not want to eat specific foodstuffs for other reasons can also enjoy meals in our restaurants.
Placing top priority on customer safety is our basic policy in providing foods and drinks. We ask for your understanding regarding our policy on the removal of specific foodstuffs from food or drink as described below:

Inquiries regarding specific foodstuffs contained in our food and drink

We can remove specified foodstuffs from dishes if they are visible while cooking, but cannot completely remove all the components of specified foodstuffs as a variety of them are cooked in the same kitchen environment. As a consequence, contamination* may occur.
In addition, as seasonings or other raw materials used in our food and drink may contain a specified foodstuff, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to completely remove such foodstuffs.
We ask for your understanding with regard to these circumstances and that you order food and drink at your own discretion.

*What is contamination?
Contamination refers to the unintended mixing of trace amounts of a certain substance not used as a foodstuff in a meal during cooking in the cooking environment or process.

Removal of specific foodstuffs used in our food and drink

Because of our restaurants’ kitchen environments (or for the above reasons), we are unable to completely remove specific foodstuffs for reasons of customers’ food allergies, religions, principles or preferences, or for any other reasons.
We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

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