Policy of the removal of specified ingredient

We wish our customers with food allergies can enjoy the meal provided from POTOMAK co.,ltd. Our quality is offered to meet the highest possibility to be the best as we can. According our basic policy, safety comes first for providing food and drink in our restaurant. Please check the following notices about the food allergies.

Notice about food allergies for food prepared in this establishment.

We do our best to visually inspect and ensure any ingredients that you are allergic to is left out. However, as we cook many different ingredients in the same kitchen it is not possible to completely remove all potential allergens and cross contamination* may occur.
In addition, allergens may be contained within the condiments or seasoning used in our recipes so we offer no guarantee regarding food allergies.
Please use your own judgement when placing orders.

*What is cross contamination
Cross contamination is when minute traces of allergens are mixed in due to the environment or in the food preparation process even if said ingredient is not used.

Regarding requests to remove ingredients from food prepared in this establishment for other reasons.

Due to the limitations of our food preparation area and the reasons outlined above, we cannot support complete removal of specific ingredients for religious or ethical reasons.
We thank you for your understanding.

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