First we must enjoy ourselves.
Be creative at all times.

Our value is to “Enjoy” and to be “Creative.”
We sincerely enjoy entertaining people.
We value imagination, dreams, and creativity.
We are thrilled to be able to give life to many original ideas, such as design, music, and life style, let alone “Food.”

  • Enjoy! To sincerely enjoy entertaining people
  • Variety! To contribute to the ever changing world by offering high quality ideas,products, and services
  • Smile! To provide opportunities for each employee to grow, making most of his/her personality, as well as to share the company'ssuccess
  • Creative! To continuously make progress, using imagination, dreams, and creativity

POTOMAK’s corporate phylosophy

Since its inauguration, POTOMAK has always followed the above four corporate philosophies.

We’ve come to realize that embodying those four philosophies while enjoying ourselves makes our customers happy. We hope to be a company that can make many people smile.


As a company,
our value is to Enjoy and Entertain through Food business.

Kouji kanasashi

Koji Kanasashi

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
It’s a quote by Yoko Ono who I admire.
We have a story to tell. Since our establishment in Kobe in 1986, we have created and operated a wide variety of shops and brands.
It is a story of our adventures to row out to the sea in a small boat with just one oar.
Through various experiences, we obtained competitive strength, such as “the ability to respond to changes” and “high degree of specialization,” and we discovered that the restaurant business is a “treasure island” because it has a high affinity with different and/or other types of business. It was a story which made us believe firmly that one person alone cannot dream a dream, but it can be done with friends.
Beyond the great discovery and into the future, POTOMAK is evolving into a company “From Food to Enjoyment and Entertainement.”
The story in which we aim to reach the new treasure island, beyond the seven seas and the Galaxy, has begun.

LOGO DESIGN About our logo design

The origin of our company name “POTOMAK” derives from a mysteriously bizarre creature in a novel. Our logo represents a “whale swimming in space” in the image of that creature.

Our company name “POTOMAK” comes from “Potomak” which is an imaginary creature and is a product of a dream in a novel “Le Potomak” the first work of Jean Cocteau, who is one of the most famous French artists in the 20th century. Our logo with a big whale, in the image of “Potomak,” is swimming gracefully and slowly in the universe of POTOMAK.

“Ruriiro” refers to a deep and bright violet blue. Its translucent shade reminds us of the silent and magical deep sea.

The image color of Potomak which aims to reach the blue ocean is Blue. It is the color of deep sea which links to the world view that extends to the universe.


At POTOMAK, we administer each business, brand, and office function separately by drawing its future.
Each unit is compared to a unique planet which grows and shines brightly while rotating on its axis. The “POTOMAK universe” extends like the galaxy in which a comet appears or a new planet is born now and then. There extends endless circle of our motto “To Enjoy & Be creative.”


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